Whatsminer D1 48Th/s 2200W (DCR)

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    Product Specification
    Product Name Whatsminer D1
    Hashrate 48Th/s ±5%
    Aglorythm Blake256R14 algorithm
    Power Dissipation 0.046j/Gh ±10%
    Consumption 2200W ±10%
    Noise level 75db
    Working temperature 5~45℃
    Size 180 * 220 *390mm
    Weight 9.5kg
    Network interface RJ45 Ethernet 10/100M
    Fan(s) 2
    Advantage Integration Design
    Installation simple
    Easy to operate
    Easily adjustable


    WhatsMiner D1 ASIC Miner adopts Blake256R14 algorithm, which can mine DCR currency, the hashrate is 48Th/s, the energy consumption is 2200W, and the efficiency is 0.046j/Gh.

    With the appreciation of the DCR currency, Whatsminer also launched its first DCR mining machine D1. Unlike Bitcoin, which uses the SHA256 algorithm, this machine uses the Blake256R14 algorithm, and its hashrate is as high as 48T. The power is 2200W, which is also the DCR mining machine with the highest computing power on the market.


    The machine still adopts the traditional integrated design of Whatsminer. The aluminum alloy shell provides strong protection for the built-in hash board. The three hash boards are fixed between the card slots. The front and back sides of each hash board are made of aluminum alloy heat sinks. Fixed with spring screws. At the same time, a single-cylinder high-speed fan is installed at the front and rear of the machine to dissipate heat, reduce the heat generated by the operation of the machine, and maintain the required environment for operation.


    Power Requirements

    There is a Whatsminer P10 2250W -176v-264v power supply built into the top of the machine. During the installation process, you only need to connect the network cable and power supply, and the efficiency of the machine is high.

    However, since the Whatsminer does not have an on/off key, the miner can be started as soon as the power is turned on, so it is generally necessary to connect the network cable first, and then plug in the power.


    Since WhatsMiner is designed as an all-in-one machine and lacks the necessary load-bearing handles, care should be taken to avoid physical damage to the wires or the miner caused by pulling and pulling the exposed control panel data transmission belt and fan power cord of the miner.


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