Goldshelll KD5 PRO 24.5Th/s 3000W (KDA)

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    Product Name  Goldshell KD5 Pro
    Hashrate 24.5Th/s ±5% @25℃
    Power efficiency on wall 0.112j/Gh  @25℃
    Power on wall 3000W ±10% @25℃
    Working temperature 5-45℃
    Miner Size (L*W*H, with package),mm 200 x 264 x 290mm
    Gross Weight 8500g
    Network interface RJ45 Ethernet 10/100M
    Operation humidity(non-condensing),RH 5%~95%
    Note 1.Including PSU size
    2.Including PSU weight

    As a star project funded on the CoinList platform, Kadena has received widespread attention from the market. It solves the scalability problems of the Bitcoin network and the security problems of the Ethereum network. Kadena uses the PoW consensus mechanism, but its TPS However, it can reach more than 8,000. It is one of the few PoW projects that solves the scalability problem, and Kadena has also participated in the system development of the JPMorgan Chase blockchain and the US Securities and Exchange Commission, which shows its technical strength.

    Kadena, referred to as KDA, has always been regarded as a noble coin by the currency circle, because the project R&D team is from major well-known institutions, and its background issuer is the top American consortium, with a strong trend curve, a proper second generation of stars! KDA is currently a popular small currency, and the currency price once made people crazy. Goldshell's newly launched Goldshell KD2, KD5, and k1+ have become the first choice for new miners to return to the current cycle.

    KD5 Pro-3
    KD5 Pro-2

    Goldshell KD5 has always been the first choice for big miners, and KD5 Pro was born in August this year. Goldshell KD5 Pro still uses the Kadena algorithm, with a maximum computing power of 24.5Th/s and a power consumption of 3000W.

    The Goldshell self-developed high-performance computing chip used in the machine endows the KD5 Pro with powerful data processing capabilities, keeps it in an excellent and stable working state at all times, and improves computing efficiency. Further upgrades have been made in terms of computing power and energy consumption.

    The power consumption ratio is superior and the payback period is fast. At the same time, it also retains the high-quality features of the original KD5 model, integrated structure, small size, and convenient placement. Overall, it has stronger performance and lower power consumption than the previous generation KD5.


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